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Monday, February 18, 2008

Instructions for my mom: how to post a blog and add pictures

In this post I am explaining to my mom, 5000 miles away, how to add pictures to her blog from her computer, or from flickr. Okay, first let's start a new post:

(we'll pretend like we can't see that I'm severely impaired when it comes to maintaining up to date posts)

next step, add some text (shown here), and a new picture.

To add the picture, click on the button to the right of "ABC".

A new dialogue box will appear.

If you choose to upload your pictures from the hard drive, choose the picture from your file directory, then hit "Upload images".

Wait for the files to upload (this can take a while with a slow connection, or large files).

click "done" and repeat, until you have all the text and pictures you want uploaded. You can move pictures by simply copying and pasting around the text (using the "Compose" window) . Then hit Publish Post.
OR, you can direct Blogger to upload pictures directly from flickr. I will show you how to do this next time (I'm tired of taking pictures of my screen and waiting for them to upload !)


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