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Monday, February 18, 2008

spam...so funny I had to share

Somehow the google filter missed this one, but I'm almost happy it did:

Dear Online Reader:

If you’ve seen LL Cool J on stage, one thing is for sure: he’s got a body that’s built to perform. Bulging biceps. Rippled abs. And a ferocious level of endurance that allows him to put on an unrelenting show.

Now, you can get a platinum body of your own by using the custom workouts LL Cool J and renowned trainer Dave “Scooter” Honig have built from the latest fitness research and science. It’s all in the new book, LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout.

Best of all, you can try LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout FREE for 21 days to get started. Click here and get those abs!

Think about it…LL Cool J is constantly on the road, in the studio, performing, acting and making public appearances. Which means he probably has even less free time than you do. Yet he has managed to maintain a stellar body for years, all by using the smartest, most innovative workout possible.

To learn more about what makes LL’s moves so special, just click here. And then try this amazing new workout book for yourself, right in your own home, free for three whole weeks. Just click here to get started.

It’s time to get the abs. The bulging arms. The strong chest. And the chiseled legs that you’ve always wanted. Don’t delay, click here for your free preview today.

If I only I weren't a woman, I could take advantage of this enticing offer....


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