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Sunday, December 17, 2006


I am a very bad student. I never do my homework and I doze off during class. I would feel more guilty if my classmates were the opposite, but they are the same. we are all bad students. In my defense, the class is boring - Jan is a mechanic, he is from Bern and can speak french, german and swiss-german. Yawn. This (mygermanclass.com) is much better, and I am addicted. Hier ist meine mutter und sie mag Heavy Metal. awesome

Thursday, December 14, 2006

christmas season in Zurich

christmas tram
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so much of swiss city life in Zurich is characterized by the trams - they're timely, frequent but slow, the tracks are logically organized and people use them as their primary means of transportation. and now they personify swiss christmas....this special addition tram is driven by Samichlaus (St Nicholas) who is accompanied by angels. The whole idea is sweet in that Christmas Story sort of way. Which is the opposite of one of the more traditional swiss christmas customs: the chasing of Samiclaus on Dec 6 who is accompanied by Schmutzli, a coal-dust covered man who beats and kidnaps children if they are bad. Coal in the stocking no longer seems so bad.....