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Thursday, March 01, 2007

aah, Rivella

aah, Rivella, originally uploaded by einen sarah.

I finally got to go snowboarding on **snow** last weekend which was fantastic. Whilst snowboarding, we took a break at this lovely spot. It was warm (notice my t-shirt) and I was parched...so I finally decided to try Rivella, which I've been studiously avoiding thus far. The reason you ask? It is made from milk. That's right, the label says "contains 35% milk (plasma)" (actually it says, "Rivella besteht zu 35% aus Milchserum!"). The one I am drinking in this photo is "Rot" and is the original. The other flavors are "Green" (= with green tea) and "Blue" (=low cal). Apparently, once you develop a taste for it you can never go back. I remain unconvinced.